• Partners On Your
    Path To Wellness

    We practice traditional methods and time-proven techniques in a warm, inviting heritage space.
  • Chiropractic Care

    Your spinal health experts - Chiropractic care is a drug-free, non-invasive, hands-on approach to health care that allows you to decrease pain, stabilize your spine, and increase flexibility. Read More
  • Massage Therapy

    We have two Registered Massage Therapists who are dedicated to restoring and maintaining optimal health and pain-free function of your body. Read More
  • Structural Integration

    A process of soft tissue manipulation, joint decompression, body awareness, and movement education. Read More
  • Counselling

    Counselling assists with emotional regulation, enhances growth and success, and encourages healthy relationships. We offer Counselling to help you support your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. Read More
  • Laser Therapy

    A treatment for neural musculoskeletal conditions. Stimulates cellular activity, helps to reduce inflammation, repairs tissue and accelerates the healing process Read More
  • Orthotics

    Custom orthotics to correct biomechanics misalignment. Read More
  • Supplements

    Targeted nutritional supplements for a long and healthy life. We carry high-quality products normally only carried by health practitioners. Read More
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The White House Wellness Center was established in 2006 as a multidisciplinary clinic offering a holistic approach by treating both the body and mind. We are conveniently located on one of Vernon’s main arteries, 27th street, on the same block as the historic courthouse.

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