Claudia Testimonials

From assessment through manipulation, Claudia Sorensen exercises a focused, deeply engrained knowledge of her practice. Combining a calm centred nature with a compassionate desire to achieve healthy outcomes, she enables her clients to trust unconditionally the methods and approaches she employs.

Through Claudia’s treatment my body is relaxed and in proper alignment. Small adjustments such as standing with pressure to the inside of your feet, minimum pressure to the outside of the foot, slight pressure on the heals, all align the body and prevent deterioration. As I write this I have my feet planted squarely on the floor, without crossing my legs, my spine erect, shoulders drawn down and relaxed, the body is relaxed and in proper alignment. I’m proud, stronger physically and psychologically.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, diagnosed when I turned 40. I am now 58. I could never not wear shoes, structured shoes, walking was painful most times. Claudia released the muscles constricting my feet, causing their deformities. I can now walk barefoot, in fact prefer it. I could never walk barefoot even as a child. This is so exciting for me, maybe not so important to others but very significant to me and to those who suffer from similar afflictions.

Some of us cringe at the word “Rolfing”, it being portrayed as “painful”. My body did not interpret the pressure of the manipulation as pain but rather a pathway to health and mobility. Claudia always checked to see if the pressure was acceptable and afterwards there was never any residual discomfort or soreness.

The treatments for me were lovely, heavenly even, like nothing I had experienced before. I strongly recommend Claudia and thank her dearly for all she has done for me.

- Margaret Ryley